Integer Wealth Advisors Group was founded by the former Director and Senior Manager of a Big Four accounting firm. The firm is an independent registered investment advisor with the Security and Exchange Commission providing individually developed investment strategies for our clientele. This independence allows us the latitude of creative thinking which can deliver on our core objective of “advising, guiding and protecting the financial well-being of our clients”.


As an investment advisor our responsibility to our clients is to:


  • Assess their current financial needs

  • Propose asset allocation alternatives

  • Create an investment policy which provides guidelines for the investment portfolio

  • Implement the investment program

  • Provide monitoring and feedback on the progress of the portfolio


One highlight of our service is our customization of the portfolio for each client. No standardized “one-fits-all” model is used because each client has unique circumstances and outlooks on the market that we respect and incorporate into our service. This promotes a team approach which allows clients as much, or as little, involvement with the process as they desire.



Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss a plan focused on your financial security.