As a most trusted advisor, it is our responsibility to advise, guide and protect the financial well-being of our clients. This means that we always place the needs of our clients ahead of the interests of our firm, and work in a collaborative atmosphere to design and implement the investment strategy.


This process begins with an assessment of the client’s needs with respect to issues such as current portfolio structure, cash flow requirements desired from the investments, tax issues, charitable intent and the establishment of family gifting. These are not easy issues to tackle; and once begun, need a central coordination of effort. Integer Wealth Advisors Group, LLC acts as a “Chief Financial Officer,” bringing in other advisors such as attorneys and accountants who will have input into the process.

Once an assessment has been completed, it is then our goal to design and implement the guidelines for a specific investment strategy. This entails identifying and explaining the myriad of investments that are available to customize an individualized program. Mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual municipal bonds and alternative asset classes must all be considered and balanced against the need for growth, income, principal protection, fees and tax implications.


Once our client priorities have been identified, the next step involves the execution of a program and the appropriate timing of investing the assets. Here again, a balance must be struck that takes into consideration the needs and input of the client. Our general approach is to “dollar-cost-average” a client’s portfolio into the market. This permits the client to become more comfortable with our process and allows us to establish tax-lots in various investments that can be used for tax management purposes.

The final stage in the process is that of monitoring, supervising and revising the investment strategy. We provide our clients with quarterly performance reports that review the state of their investments and provide additional commentary regarding the events of the quarter that impacted those investments. This quarterly communication provides us with the opportunity to hear from our clients with respect to any changes in their needs, or to allow them to voice their opinions about market conditions. This approach embraces the collaborative effort that is the hallmark of our service.